We are in the midst of a hardware revolution brought about by digital disruption, the democratization of hardware and disruptive manufacturing techniques. Creating a hardware startup is easier than ever, yet, scaling remains the single biggest challenge facing hardware startups and SMEs.


 At HardworX, we help growth-stage startups and SMEs unlock the power of hardware by demystifying manufacturing and hardware supply chain, helping you scale your operations successfully and sustainably.  

Manufacturing & Operations Scale Up
  • Capability building and transferring knowledge in-house through mentoring, advisory services and workshops.

  • Facilitating connections to local and international suppliers and manufacturers.

  • Planning for product commercialisation, including future funding requirements and manufacturing strategy.

  • Conducting capability and readiness assessments and working collaboratively with you to bridge any gaps and mitigate potential risks.

  • Execution risk mitigation through Design for Manufacture (DFM) reviews, IP protection strategies, second source part supply and compliance planning.

Manufacturing & Operations Support
  • Designing and implementing manufacturing strategy and business cases. 

  • Leading new product introduction and technology transfer activities.

  • Conducting supplier due diligence, selection, contract negotiation and management.

  • Undertaking continuous improvement projects (quality, cost).

  • Managing compliance and traceability requirements.

  • Developing business processes for effective management of working capital.

  • Offering specialised interim management and engineering services.

  • Design For Manufacture, Assembly and Test (DFX) reviews.

  • Capability building and transferring knowledge in-house through workshops and advisory services.


We support, develop and enrich the global hardware innovation ecosystem through the following initiatives:

  • Innovation Tours where we take hardware innovators, engineers and entrepreneurs on curated, immersive tours designed to demystify manufacturing and provide insights into what it takes to design and deliver a hardware product at scale.


  • Workshops aimed at early stage hardware startups to demystify the process of going from a single prototype to a scalable, cost-effective supply chain.



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