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- Robert Noyce

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About Vela Georgiev & HardworX

Vela Georgiev is an engineer and experienced operations leader, with a strong track record of supporting global businesses to achieve scalable operations. Vela has designed, developed and operated complex quality assurance, logistics, supply chain, engineering, manufacturing, IT and financial programs and processes in a wide variety of industries, for startups and corporations. With a mind for numbers and an eye for detail, Vela bring a unique perspective to problem-solving and process design.

In 2016, Vela founded HardworX to help growth-stage startups and SMEs scale their operations successfully and sustainably. HardworX provided hands-on execution support across business operations, supply chain, and manufacturing. HardworX also developed and delivered immersive innovation programmes for hardware innovators focused on unlocking the power of hardware by demystifying manufacturing and hardware supply chain.

In 2020, Vela made a career pivot towards venture capital operations. She is now COO & Operating Partner for Australia’s first dedicated agrifood tech VC firm. This creates an opportunity for Vela to continue to help innovators to scale their operations and enable innovation for global impact by helping innovators build a sustainable future for food and agriculture.

While HardworX, as a business, is currently in hibernation, resources from our various innovation ecosystem initiatives targeting hardware innovators continue to be available via the innovation ecosystem link.​ This site now also includes resources relating to venture capital and personal development, including Vela's career pivot journey.

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