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  • Vela Georgiev

Why The Best Hire Might Not Have The Perfect Resume

A short summary of a TED talk by Regina Hartley - “Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume”

One job, two equally qualified candidates:

#1 - Ivy League, 4.0, flawless resume. All the right stuff.

#2 - State school, lots of job-hopping, and odd jobs.

Who would you hire and why?

Sometimes, the best person for the job is NOT the obvious choice. A series of odd jobs may indicate inconsistency, lack of focus, and unpredictability. Or it may signal a committed struggle against obstacles.

In her TED Talk, Regina Hartley, talks about Post Traumatic Growth (PTG), a phenomenon that describes the positive psychological change experienced as a result of struggling with highly challenging, highly stressful life circumstances. It’s when a person thrives despite the odds being stacked against them from a very young age.

People who have experienced PTG have learned not only how to survive and adapt, but to thrive.

They are people who understand how to get through difficult obstacles with hard work and perseverance. And when things don't turn out well, they ask: "What can I do differently to create a better result?" They are people whose secret weapons are passion and purpose.

The best candidate isn’t always the obvious choice, but you’ll never know unless you interview them.

Look beyond the resume to understand the person. Remember, there are two sides to every story. What may look like inconsistency, lack of focus, unpredictability, may signal a committed struggle against obstacles.


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