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  • Vela Georgiev

Learning How To Learn

A summary of my learnings from the Coursera course Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects.

The Coursera course "Learning How to Learn" is meant to help you reframe how you think about learning, to help reduce your frustration and increase the depth of your learning. You're expected to take the ideas of the course and apply them to whatever subject you are trying to learn or improve in, to help you learn more deeply, effectively, and with less frustration.

You gain insight into how we learn by using a variety of different approaches, ranging from personal stories, to insights from cognitive psychology, to an examination of deep neuroscience.

The course has two assignments: a reflection essay on your learning challenges and a final project, which is about learning by teaching others how to learn.

One of my stated learning aims in the reflective essay on learning challenges was that I wanted to explore visual learning tools and how they might help with the organisation and expression of thoughts and information, ultimately enabling me to communicate with greater impact.

For the final project, I created two visual summaries:

  1. A presentation focusing on the following topics: Learning Modes, Chunking, Memory Consolidation and Procrastination.

  2. A mind map that gives a broad overview of the entire course material.

These visual summaries are shared below.

How to navigate the mind map

You can scroll around the mind map canvas, zoom in and out, and fold and unfold branches.

You can also use the toolbar in the bottom right to set the zoom percentage (left icon), go into full-screen mode (middle icon), or expand the mind map into a separate tab (right icon).

Interactive mind map:

Learning How To Learn Course Summary

PDF version of the mind map - graphics included and all branches unfolded.

Learning To Learn - mindmap
Download PDF • 17.02MB

PDF text only version of the mind map.

Learning To Learn - outline
Download PDF • 20.12MB

Learning How To Learn - Presentation

Learning to Learn v1
Download PDF • 2.23MB

Additional resources

For those who've not done the course, this Glossary of Terms may come in handy when looking at the above.


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