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  • Vela Georgiev

Mapping Out Venture Capital Fund Operations

Supported by Tenacious Ventures, the Startmate Fellowship and the VC community at large, I’ve been able to do a deep dive into venture capital fund operations which ultimately resulted in a career pivot with my taking on a full time role as COO & Operating Partner at the AgThentic Group, which includes Tenacious Ventures & Agthentic Advisory.

This mind map gives some context to the situation I found myself in prior to the starting this explorations as well as capturing my learnings from this journey, while also mapping out the the fund operations role and function within VC firms.

By sharing my experience and insights, I hope to demystify fund operations and help other people who are considering a career transition, or looking to reposition their expertise, especially those looking at operations roles within the venture capital ecosystem.

To get the most out of this mind map I recommend reading it in conjunction with my written narrative "An Exploration of Venture Capital Fund Operation" which can be found here.

An excerpt of which is included here:

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”

- Isaac Newton

There exists, in the world, so much important knowledge that cannot be transferred online. It’s learned through experience and communicated through conversation. At its core, my Fellowship experience could be viewed as a series of conversations, which I’ve summarised (anonymously) for the benefit of others. To provide some context, below are the organisations from which the people I conversed with hail.

To the individuals who generously gave their time, and shared their knowledge and experience, I say, thank you.

How to navigate the mind map

You can scroll around the mind map canvas, zoomed in and out, fold and unfold branches. It's an interactive mind map, so you'll need to click the little number bubbles in order to expand and hide various parts of the mind map.

The mind map should look like the bottom when the page loads. As you can see some of the branches and topics are already revealed.

When read from left to right, the mind map follows the temporal sequence of my Fellowship experience.

You can also use the tool bar in the bottom right to set the zoom percentage (left icon), go into full screen mode (middle icon), or expand the mind map into a separate tab (right icon).

The mind map aesthetics and user experience are best maintained by folding and unfolding branches as you go. This way, the amount of information on the screen does not become too overwhelming.

Interactive mind map:

Venture Capital Fund Operations Deep Dive

Additional resources

PDF version of the mind map, including text outline, is provided below. To keep the file size small three files are provided:

PDF version of mind map - top level text outline

VC Fund Ops - top
Download PDF • 983KB

PDF version of mind map - detailed outline

VC Fund Ops - outline
Download PDF • 3.51MB

PDF version of mind map - top level text + detailed outline

VC Fund Ops - top + outline
Download PDF • 1.37MB

About the Startmate Fellowship

In 2020, I applied and was selected for the Startmate Fellowship. The Startemate Fellowship seeks to actively create opportunities for women from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences to enter startups, whilst challenging the startup community to think differently about where their talent comes from.

The two-month, intensive program included ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions with global operators, founders and investors, functional workshops, and networking opportunities within the startup ecosystem. We had unique access to phenomenal speakers who shared amazing insights and advice from hard-earned experience.

Want to know more about the Fellowship? Check out the Startmate Fellowship website.


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